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29 Lessons in 29 Years

After spending two years being 27 years old (hey, it was a good age!), it is now time to turn the page on another year I’ve been looking forward to for a while… Good ‘ol number 29. Any excuse to reflect and learn is a good thing, so as I look to end my roaring 20’s...

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How to Get Rich: Step #2

Do you want to get rich?  No, seriously. Do you really want to become ultra-wealthy? If so, you have to commit to doing something... It’s very easy to do and anyone can do it. Are you in? Here’s what you have to do… Read.  That’s it. Don't believe me? Consider these...

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Why Hip-Hop Will Make You Rich

In 3rd grade, I was quite the trouble-maker… During class one day, my friends and I were obsessed with this brand new album from… Bone Thugs N Harmony. Behind the bookshelf in the back of the classroom, my friends and I would take turns listening to Tha Crossroads and...

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The Magic Bank Account

Imagine this for a second... Imagine that you had won the following *PRIZE* in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use. However, this prize has rules... The rules are: Everything that you didn't spend during each...

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