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4 Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

I, like many of you, am a recovering perfectionist... I hate to let go. I am afraid to press send. I am scared of releasing products. I have written hundreds of thousands of words that have been seen by zero eyeballs other than my own. Even though I’ve done a lot...

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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

There are a few articles that I will never forget… The first one that comes to mind is most definitely, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. I don’t remember how I found this random article, but I remember that it stopped me in my tracks. I immediately reflected on where I...

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The Unconventional Retirement

I retired at the age of 27... I didn’t win the lottery or sell a start-up, and I’m definitely no genius. What I did do was retire the unconventional way, and the truth is that you can do the same. Growing up, I only knew of one way to retire: you work hard for a long...

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10 Investing Tips That Will Make You Rich!

Investing is challenging. I have made a lot of money in the stock market, but I’ve also lost a lot of money there as well. Early in my trading career, it was like a pendulum swinging from one side to the other. I would make money, then lose it all, make money, then...

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